Windows Repair

Laptop Repair Mumbai:

We at CompuWorld repair & service all brands of laptops & notebooks of Dell, HP Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Asus, Acer etc we can fix all types of hardware & software related issues of a laptop running on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 & Win 10 operating system. If there is any hardware failure like broken screen, faulty keyboard, touchpad not working, heating problem or full cleaning & servicing we can fix it. call or WhatsApp +91-8286861952, 7506038766.

Laptop Screen Replacement:

Broken or cracked screen we can replace it. Every replacement comes with a warranty.


Laptop Keyboard Replacement:

Faulty keyboard? We can help you get the keyboard replaced. Pre-order confirmation is needed which can be done by calling us on +91-8286861952, 7506038766.


Overheating Laptop:

Heating can create many issues in laptop such as slowdown, inability to multitask, frequent hanging, hard drive slow, read write speed, damage to components of motherboard etc. Heating of laptop is caused by dirt in ventilation of laptop or issues with GPU. In both cases we can diagnose the issue & let you know the best solution for fix it. Changing thermal paste can also decrease the temperature by few degree.


Virus Removal Service:

Windows laptops & desktop PC are more prone to virus & malware as compared to MacBook and if you are getting annoying popups, web page is redirecting, laptop hangs, slow performance etc it could be a virus and we recommend you to take full backup of virus like Trojan can possibly cause damage to your data & files if you are in Navi Mumbai and need help with virus removal from laptop or desktop Windows computer we can help you, If you are able to connect to the internet we can clean virus & malware remotely using team viewer remote software it takes us sometime to clean the device without losing any data. Call +91-8286861952, 7506038766. Once we clean the virus will also recommend a good antivirus for your laptop which can work without much impacting on the performance. We generally recommend Trend Micro Maximum Security, Quickheal, Kaspersky & Norton.


Windows Installation & Hardware Upgrades:

Windows crashes? Blue screen? This could be possible issues with drivers or operating system we can help you reset the laptop to factory setting or fresh windows installation on any laptop and desktop PC without losing any data. Call us if you are planning to upgrade your hardware components like RAM & HDD to SSD upgrading hardware can give you better performance & will allow you to do multitask at good speed. Call us for all issues of laptop.